LEGO Minecraft The Waterfall Base & LEGO Minecraft The Witch Hut


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*The waterfall base features a waterfall, roof garden, secret lava entrance, four doors, plus a detailed interior with a furnace and a crafting area with three crafting tables. *Includes two minecraft minifigures: steve and alex, plus a buildable enderman, zombie, cat and dyed sheep. *Accessory elements include a fishing rod, wheat, sugar cane, fish, pumpkin, sheep shears and a shovel. *Open the waterfall base to access the detailed interior and remove the roof to extend the play area. *Features a swamp area with water trees, vines, lily pads and a witch hut with crafting table, cauldron, mushrooms, plus a brewing stand, potions and a boat with two oars. *Includes a Alex minifigure, plus a witch, pig and three slimes. *Lift the hinged roof to access the witch’s hut. *Press the lever to activate the jumping slime function.