LEGO Nexo Knights – The Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destructi


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Jestro has brought the stone colossus of destruction to life - and it's terrorising knighton. Team up with clay, who's turning into stone after being zapped by the cloud of monstrox and Macy to fight back against the monster and grapple with general garg. Use the shield glider to find the giant's weak spot, but watch out for its rapid-fire stud shooters and giant claw hand. Includes scannable shields for the NEXO powers haunted armour and commanding shout and forbidden powers malicious melting and corrupting crush. Includes four minifigures: Jestro, General Garg, Stone Clay and Macy, plus a buildable Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction figure Stone Colossus of Ultimate Destruction features large movable wings, chomping jaw, 2 legs with opening prison cells, punching arm functions, rapid-fire 6-stud shooter, posable claw and a crown with 6 Forbidden Power shield holders Clay's shield glider features 2 wings, shield holder and a weapon holder Move the lever to activate the chomping jaw and flapping wings Turn the rapid-fire 6-stud shooter to fire lightning elements